Dinamo Moscow – Rostov, will be,, Badger ‘quieter after this game?

Last match of the 7th round in Russia will be held Sunday, from 19:15 between Dinamo Moscow and Rostov.

If Dorinel Munteanu, coach of Kuban, can stay carefree on the bench after he qualified team in Europa League, Dan Petrescu does not seem to be as calm. Badger ,, ” appears to have already made luggage in the coming days starting from the team, so it is rumored. Badger ,, ” but denies the rumors, saying that leadership is provided will remain, with a 2 year contract. After six stages, Dinamo Moscow ranks 7th, amassing nine puncte.De other hand, Rostov started the championship very well, Montenegrin Miodrag Bozovic team coached by, coming in at 3rd place with 13 points. In the last stage, the visiting team has moved all in Moscow, making it virtually shame against Lokomotiv, Muscovites won 5-0. At half-time the score was only 1-0, in the second half but were eliminated two players from Rostov.

Of the 6 matches of the Premier League, Dinamo Moscow has played no fewer than five at home, getting 8 points. Last round, the team of Dan Petrescu was matched in the last minute of the game by Zenit. Instead, Rostov has played only two matches away, defeating mentioned above, against Lokomotiv respectively 1-0 victory against Anzhi.

Speaking of Anzhi group of former celebrities seem to have an affinity for Dinamo Moscow after Kokorin, Denisov and Zhirkov purchase two weeks ago, Dan Petrescu has his eye on Ionov, Gabulov and Samba, players transferred two days ago, on 5 7 respectively 10 million euros. Dinamo Moscow lent to 4 players at Anzhi. The two teams have met already in the second stage, the band’s Super Dan imposing 2-1, the winning goal was scored from the penalty spot in minute 90. In these conditions, we are very curious outcome will be in return.

And Rostov had job transfer market these days, conceding two players: the Agalarov at Anzhi and Holenda, on loan at Tom Tomsk. Also, he has borrowed from Rostov to Lokomotiv Moscow on Logashov immediately after the Moscow group had bought from Anzhi.

Dzyuba is guest band scorer and also the championship, with 7 goals, while Voronin is the leading scorer of the hosts, with only two successes. Bookmakers I see Dinamo Moscow as the favorite and rightly so, at least if we look at the statistics, saying that the hosts have suffered just two defeats in the last 23 matches of the championship, while Rostov won only two victories last 26 trips. But the form of the moment seems to contradict these statistics.

Last season, Dynamo Moscow defeated Rostov at home, 1-0, the goal scored by Kuranyi, who is still injured player in the group of Dan Petrescu. Host band has four wins in the last five games played at Arena Khimki.